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Life Insurance

Protecting your family is what you have to consider... Life insurance is for the living.

  • Priority Universal Life
  • Income Continuation, Mortgage, Education and Settlement Funds
  • Individual Term Life Insurance
  • Annuities

Contact Kent Houck at (405) 372-5343 Ext. 160 or John Gage at (405) 372-5343 Ext. 190 to discuss the best policy for your situation. E-mail: insurance@houckagency.com

"Legacy" Estate Planning Solutions can be provided by Kent Houck, Certified Senior Advisor, who has earned an outstanding reputation helping people manage their retirement years. A professionally designed estate plan can conserve and help protect your estate during your lifetime, and also help maximize the legacy you pass to your heirs by:

  • Reducing your federal estate tax liability
  • Reducing your state inheritance tax liability (in states where applicable)
  • Conserving principal
  • Avoiding costly, frustrating settlement delays
  • Minimizing income taxes
  • Reducing probate and administration costs

Make sure your assets go where you intend them to go upon your death. Call Kent today.